Optionsclick Review

OptionsClick.com is the trading name of Lead Capital Markets Ltd, an investment company licensed and are regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

Trading Parameters

  • Minimum Deposit:$200
  • Demo account offered
  • Deposit can be made from various credit cards and electronic transfers
  • Minimum Trade Amount:$10
  • Assets 150+ offered for trade
  • Standard Binary Option High/Low
  • One Touch
  • Range
  • Turbo
  • Languages available: English, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Russian


One of the best parts of Optionsclick is the platform. OptionsClick is the most flexible binary options trading platform on the market. We really liked the economic calendar added to the screen. This allows the trader to instantly see if there is a big news event scheduled to happen that day and the relative importance all in a glance. News can be a large part of the trading day.

Having the assets lined up down the left side of the trading platform is another big plus. This format allows the trader to find the desired pair to trade without having to search through a drop down box only to find it is not in that list. The drop down box for the different expiry times is also a nice convenience that helps in implementing quickly different Binary Option Systems trading signals.

OptionClick creates custom programs with benefits that allow traders to take advantage of their individual strengths and financial interests. Rather than the standard accounts offered by most other binary options brokers, OptionClick builds a program based on a trader’s future volume, trade amounts, trade habits and other personal features.

The website currently provides two examples of these customized accounts–a Gold VIP Trader account and a Custom Platinum VIP Trader account.

An interesting feature worth noting is that OptionsClick offers a return on losses (what they call “insurance coverage”) for Gold and VIP members who are also eligible to increase their dividend payouts on specific trades, a feature we did not see on any other binary options platforms. There are also enhanced dividend payments offered as rewards to successful traders.

Like many Binary Option Brokers OptionsClick offers standard options such as High/Low, 60 Seconds, Touch/No Touch and Range (In/Out) in a mobile app as well.

The interface is well designed, easier to see and trade with than any we have seen. The asset index at OptionsClick is unique in that it lists each asset, such as indices or commodities, as well as additional information about the asset such as its trading symbol, data provider, trading hours and a description of the asset. We haven’t seen this offered at any other broker.


OptionsClick also has a very strong binary options education center. At their Trading Academy, traders can view, in a choice of languages, a wide selection of video lessons on the basics of binary trading, market analysis, fundamental and technical analysis as well as lessons on psychology of trading and advanced trading strategies. Traders can test their skills at the end of each course and monitor their results.

There is also an ebook on binary options markets that can be read on their mobile app or by scanning the QR code of the mobile education center.

Customer support can be accessed via phone, live chat or email support.